Jazz Cash

Great news! We are pleased to inform you that Transworld Home customers can now make their bill payments using JazzCash by accessing self-care portal.

To make payments using JazzCash Mobile Account, please follow the relevant steps below.

1. Log in to https://customer.transworld-home.com/ with your unique user ID (password has already been shared with you, we recommend to change your password as soon as possible).

2. Click on “Make Payment”

3. Click on JazzCash Icon

4. Enter the required billing amount

5. Choose payment method from one of the following

  • A. Mobile Account
  • B. Voucher Payment
  • C. Debit / Credit Card

A. Mobile Account – For this method, Please select ‘Mobile Account’ from the drop down as shown below.

Enter your JazzCash registered mobile number and click Pay

You will receive an MPIN after entering your JazzCash account number. Enter MPIN and your payment is complete

You will receive an MPIN after entering your JazzCash account number. Enter MPIN and your payment is complete

B.Voucher Payment – This payment can be used for retail payment. It is a two step process.

Select ‘Voucher Payment’ from the list of Payment Method.

Enter your registered JazzCash Mobile Number

After entering your mobile number your voucher number will be generated as shown below

You will also receive a text with both your Voucher Number and your Order ID. This voucher is valid for 08 days

Please visit your nearest JazzCash retailer along with the voucher number and complete the payment

C. Debit / Credit Card – For this payment method, simply follow the instructions mentioned below

Select ‘Debit / Credit Card’ from the list of Payment Method

Enter the required details and make payment


1. Is this payment method available for all Transworld-Home customers?

Yes, this payment method is available to all Transworld Home Customers.

2. Can I make payment using JazzCash App?

No, you may not be able to use JazzCash mobile app for payment. But this added feature is expected to go live very soon.

3. Can I make a partial payment against due billing amount?

Yes, This payment method allows partial payments as it is an online solution. Minimum payment allowed is Rs. 100/-. However, to avoid suspension of your internet connection, please enter your full bill amount while making a payment.

4. How soon can I get confirmation against the transaction?

You will receive confirmation via SMS as soon as the payment has been processed. It will also be updated on Transworld Home’s Self-Care Portal within 2 hours after the payment made.

5. What will be the validity of MPIN in case I’m paying my bill through mobile account?

100 Seconds

6. Can I use any mobile number other than registered JazzCash for payment through voucher?

Yes, you can use any mobile number to make your payment through voucher.

7. What if I encounter an issue while using self-care portal?

You may contact Transworld Home support services either by dialing 111-837-837 or by writing an email at csd@tes.com.pk