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Data Center Co-location

Transworld Data Center (TDC) is located 20kms outside the clamor of Karachi city in a fully owned purpose built Telco grade building. The tier III datacenter is built inside this telco infrastructure to let companies purchase rack space and physically house equipment. For you that means up to 99.995% uptime, uninterrupted power and cooling, n+n redundancies and ability to leverage the same fault tolerant infrastructure that facilitates all of Pakistan’s internet traffic.


Transworld Data Center is the new standard of co-location services for multiple applications including:

  • Disaster recovery.
  • Business continuity.
  • Virtual PoPs.
  • Mobile commerce.
  • Online media content.
  • Backup and dump servers.

Why Transworld Data Center?

  • Tier III datacenter housed in the “telco grade” infrastructure that manages Pakistan’s internet.
  • Building 100% owned by TWA.
  • Single storied building built according to stringent telecom standards.
  • At the hub of all local and international data traffic.
  • Zero downtime.
  • Expert manpower and technical know-how.
  • Located 20kms outside the city, easily accessible through multiple routes including sea, land and air.
  • 99.995% SLA.

TDC introduces Premium co-location to cater to the needs of the customers most effectively.

Premium Co-Location

Premium Co-location, This is a telco grade co-location for our international clients having highly mission critical applications where they cannot afford downtime and require round the clock support and monitoring. Our premier customers have 24x7x365 support of smart hands, web based reports, VPN’s, on-demand bandwidth and dedicated senior account manager. This service is designed to give peace of mind to our esteemed customers.

Features Premium Co-location
Type Telco grade
Rack space Dedicated
Uptime ( up to) 99.995 %
CSD service availability * 24×7
Smart hand support* Free 24×7
Security Biometric, RFID, access cards
NMS Free access
Account management Dedicated senior KAMs
Reporting Free
Response time Quick response – hourly follow up 24×7
Access Free access
Ports Dedicated
IP Addresses* 8 Public addresses